Membership Benefits

of Christian Employers Alliance

Membership Benefits

Membership in Christian Employers Alliance means you are part of a united network and have access to unique, practical resources to reinforce your commitment to operating your organization with Christian values.

Some of the CEA’s principal membership benefits are:

  • Encouragement and tools to exercise faith in the workplace: CEA provides awareness of multiple resources and strategies, as well as stories of how Christian employers are using such tools to impact their organizations, employees and communities.
  • Collective impact by Christian employers on challenges and opportunities:  CEA is working with members and partners to identify, communicate, and form working groups around multiple areas of challenge and opportunity
  • Awareness of legal and policy issues:  A unified body is strong.  As a unified body, we can impact the flourishing of our organizations and communities through strategic activity on legal and policy issues that affirm Christian values.

 Note:  On May 15, 2019, CEA won an exemption from federal mandates on abortion-causing drugs in employer health plans. CEA member companies can request the removal of these drugs from their company health plans. Click here for more information.

  • Employee Care:  CEA provides ideas and resources to develop a suite of benefits to bless the core of your organization.
  • Collective community impact:  CEA collaborates with multiple organizations to strategically seek the well-being of communities where members serve.
  • Education about employee benefit strategies consistent with Christian values:  CEA is working to with multiple partners to identify and communicate these strategies to members.
  • Guidance: CEA will keep its members informed of impacting stories, current happenings, legal issues, and other issues effecting Christian employers.

These benefits will come in the form of:

  • Conference Calls
  • Resource Lists on Member Website
  • Surveys
  • National and Local Events