CEA Media Library
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Membership in Christian Employers Alliance means you are part of a united network and have access to unique, practical resources to reinforce your commitment to operating your organization with Christian values.

Some of the CEA’s principal membership benefits are:

  • Awareness of Legal and Policy Issues: Regular updates and action alerts on the current issues affecting Christian employers. Note:  On May 15, 2019, CEA won an exemption from federal mandates on abortion-causing drugs in employer health plans. CEA member companies can request the removal of these drugs from their company health plans. Visit our CEA Newsroom for current legal and policy announcements.
  • Encouragement and Tools to Exercise Faith in the Workplace: CEA membership provides awareness of multiple resources and strategies, as well as stories of how Christian employers are using these tools to benefit their organizations, employees, and communities.
  • Employee Care: CEA provides ideas and resources to develop a suite of benefits to bless the core of your organization.
  • Collective impact by Christian Employers on Challenges and Opportunities: CEA works with members and partners to identify, communicate, and form working groups around multiple areas of challenge and opportunity.
  • Collective Community Impact: CEA collaborates with multiple organizations to strategically seek the well-being of communities where members serve.
  • Education about Employee Benefits Strategies Consistent with Christian Values: CEA works with multiple partners to identify and communicate these strategies to members.

These benefits will come in the form of:

  • Email
  • Newsletters
  • Conference Calls
  • Secure Webinars
  • Resource Lists on Member Website
  • Surveys
  • National and Local Events