No Shirt, No Shoes, No Woke, No Service: Viewpoint Discrimination in Virginia

Victoria Cobb

Victoria Cobb is President of The Family Foundation of Virginia, the largest and oldest pro-family advocacy organization in Virginia, where she maintains the vision, mission, and strategies of the organization. In her 16th year as President, she also oversees the work of their legal arm, the Founding Freedoms Law Center. Victoria is also President of The Family Foundation Action, a 501c(4) that protects families and promotes responsible citizenship by giving Virginians the tools they need to hold their elected officials accountable, including educating and mobilizing voters in key elections. In her role as spokesperson, Victoria is often quoted in the media, and her weekly commentary can be heard on Speak Up! radio. She currently serves on the John Jay Institute Board of Governors. Victoria earned her B.A., Political Science and Leadership Studies at University of Richmond. She and her husband Matt and their four children reside in Richmond. For more information: